County Upgrades Parking and Revenue Systems


A county wanted to update their existing parking systems to match a newly-constructed parking garage serving their new courts building.


As part of their newly constructed facility, the court system was ready to design and budget for a new parking access and revenue control system.

The county also had five existing parking locations. Three had obsolete parking and revenue systems in place and two did not have any parking revenue systems.

The outdated systems were becoming difficult to maintain because of the scarcity of replacement parts and qualified personnel to service them.

The goal was to optimize the entire system for the new location, update the existing five parking garages and provide one centrally-managed integrated system platform across all of the sites.


DH Pace had previously worked with the county on other successful systems integration projects. The Company’s involvement in the initial design and budgeting phase of the new parking garage made them a natural fit for the contract.

Because of the competitive market, DH Pace provided a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) bid to the court system for a parking and revenue control system for all of their garages.

The Company navigated the project around the active garage environments to be as least disruptive as possible. It was important to preserve the daily revenue and security of the garages. During the installation, the team worked to maintain as much functionality as possible that the existing system provided while migrating to the new system.

The new parking revenue system removed the need for their security guard personnel to also work as cashiers in various garages. The new system features an entirely automated payment solution in all parking garages. The automated system allowed the county to track and manage their revenue in a multitude of ways, as well as cut overall operating expenses.


Because of the upgrade, the county gained two more revenue-based parking options: the garages had previously been for card access only for monthly parkers, but now it represented an opportunity for increased revenue by opening the available spaces as visitor parking. Overall, the project resulted in decreased expenses, streamlined operations and increased revenues.